Bonita Hair Extensions

Bonita Hair Extensions came to us after two years of supplying hair extensions to salons across the UK. They originally became popular amongst mobile hair extension technicians in 2010 through word of mouth and online forums however this was not enough. Their website was all over the place with a misguided layout that confused customers, resulting in a ton of potential customers going else where. We stepped in and changed the layout completely to match the Bonita brand and created a user-friendly desktop and mobile site. The checkout flow was modified to become an easy system that customers could understand and we soon saw an increase in conversions from this alone. We then stepped it up a notch and took over their SEO campaigns which saw a huge increase in traffic by improving nation wide keyword searches such as "hair extension suppliers" which now generates around 1,000 hits per month for this keyword alone. All of this was by creating product pages that we knew people were searching for and that would be user-friendly once they discovered the page. We have ran Bonita's SEO campaign for nearly 4 years now and they are still going strong. Some might argue that they are one of the UK's leading hair extension suppliers.

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