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Oscabi specialise in providing high quality branded websites to local trades throughout the UK. We have years of experience in building websites for local plumbers, builders, salons, electricians and even one of the leading hair extension suppliers in the UK. We aren't limited by the size of your business so this means that whether you are a one man band or looking to take over the world, we can design a website that's best suited for you.

Why Do I Need A Website?

Understandably, you might be wondering why you need a website for your business and here's a few reasons as to why:

Your Competitors Have A Site

Whether you tarmac driveways in Hornchurch or renovate kitchens in Bridgwater, whatever service you provide, is a service that people will be looking for on search engines. Your competition will have a website where potential customers can browse through their services, see the work they carry out and are able to contact them for a quote. Think of all the missed opportunities that are happening everyday because your competitors have a website and you don't. (The searching part falls under our Local Seo Services but is still relevant for this point.) Websites are the modern day brochure's that people genuinely want to look at.

Showcase Your Work And Generate Leads

Printing off 500 leaflets and paying someone to deliver them on a weekend might pull in one or two phone calls but what use is it if you have nowhere to show off your products or services? We will not only create your website explaining what your services are, but also the benefits of why they should choose you for the job. We then implement "lead generating" call to actions that increase customer interaction and conversions.

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Does It Matter Where I Live?

When it comes to building a website or creating SEO campaigns, it doesn't matter where you live in the UK, we can build the ideal website for you and your business simply by gathering enough information over the phone or by email. Most digital marketing agencies gain a few local clients and then move on to the big companies based in London to expand and build a stronger name. The trouble with this approach is they are only focused on the big fish and forget about their other customers. It doesn't matter to us if you're a billion pound industry or a car mechanic in Walsall, all of our customers are treated equally.

The brilliance of the internet is that nothing is ever set in stone so we can send you an unlimited amount of drafts or versions of your site before you pay anything for your website. We can work out what type of site you need, create the right colour scheme that matches your brand and most importantly we create content designed to capture leads for your business.

Don't Be Oversold A Simple Product

We understand that your time is important and sometimes there's no need for a "Rep" to visit you and over sell a really simple product. We are web designers, SEO experts and PPC managers, we are not a bunch of over-trained marketing agencies looking to reach a monthly target and our end goal is to simply provide a high quality website for you and to keep you a happy and satisfied customer.
Often our customers come to us expecting to over pay for simple things such as website hosting, emails and SEO due to previous "marketing" companies over selling. At Oscabi you get what it says on the tin without over complicated sales talk. Just because you may not know what it takes to build a website, doesn't mean you should be swindled out of your money.

Logo Design Included

If you're business is just starting out and you need a visually compelling logo that matches you brand then we will design you one free of charge! Customers ask us all the time for a free logo aa they are perfect for letter templates and headings, invoices and email signatures. We won't just make them for anyone though. The only time this is ever included is if you take up the web design services that we offer. We get a lot of requests from companies asking about our free logo designs but we would be out of business fast if we did this for everyone.

Browse the website's we've created to see for yourself what we can acheive.

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