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affordable web design

Affordable Web Design

Have A Website Designed For Your Business

We Specialise In Websites For:

  • Builders, Plumbers & Local Tradesmen
  • Hair, Beauty & Nail Technicians
  • Dance, Fitness & Personal Trainers
  • All Local Businesses

Local Web Designers

Oscabi specialise in providing high quality, affordable websites to local businesses and trades throughout the UK. We have years of experience in building affordable websites for local plumbers, builders, salons, electricians and even one of the leading hair extension suppliers in the UK. We aren't limited by the size of your business so this means that whether you are a one man band or looking to take over the world, we can design a website that's best suited for you.

Truly Affordable Web Design

You might be looking to buy a website to showcase your business to customers, show potential clients that you have an online footprint or to simple have an online portfolio of your work. Basic web design is our most affordable web design package that we offer and starts at just £100.

Turn Traffic Into Sales

You don't want to confuse your customers or scare them away. You want them to pick up the phone and call you! We design websites that generate enquiries over the phone or via email by keeping your message clear.

Quality Content Management

There's no need for big sliding images plastered all over your site. It's a lazy way to build a website and your customers know it! You content will be in a format that is rich in content about your product or service and your customers will see a positive reflection of your business on your website.


Hosting your website is important. Your site files, database and emails are all protected on our secure servers.

Browse the website's we've created to see for yourself what we can acheive.

Domain Names

We will not sell you domain names you don't need. See why you only need one domain name here.

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