Here’s Why You Might Not Need Multiple Domain Names

Why You Might Not Need More Than One Domain Name

Whether you are a brand new business just setting out or you’re a well established business that’s been around for some time, it’s inevitable that one day you will either need a brand new website to be built or you need your existing website updated to keep up with the competition. The trouble is, any company that you approach, no matter how big or small, will always have an angle.

Don’t Listen To The Sales Person

Something I’ve witnessed in my days as a local SEO “expert” is that most web design and marketing companies have a sales team. The main goal of the sales team is to increase profits and revenue for their employer/business and to increase the average monthly spend of every customer.

How do they do this? Simple, by up selling products to customers through either manipulation or fear tactics. By telling the customer they need to do this to “increase” their SEO performance, that it will be good for marketing and that Google will rank their site more if they have more domain names pointing to their site or that they need more exact domain names to help boost keyword rankings…. You get the idea.

Their goal is to take as much money as possible from you without you realising.

Quick Fact: I once had a boss that told me his sales team realise that their customers grant them potentially infinite earnings!

Granted, there are occasions when exact domain names have worked well for others however more often than not, you might be paying for a domain name that you might not need, ever.

Don’t Fall For It

Many of my clients have told me that with they own 5, 10 or at best 20 domain names before they left their old web design or marketing agency. It’s not a shock to me anymore as they’ve all been fed the same rubbish time and time again.

A Perfect Example Of Why You Shouldn’t Buy Multiple Domains For SEO

One of my clients was told that they have to have at least 5 domain names before their website went live as this would help their SEO campaign from the beginning. These domain names were supposed to be for targeting keywords (apparently). After about 30 seconds of digging around I saw that all these domain names were 301’d (redirected) straight to their main domain name (which was a branded domain name). These domain names were never indexed, meaning Google had no idea they existed or if they did, they saw the branded domain name was more valuable. This meant that out of the 4 domain names that they owned, only 1 was getting used and was ranking (poorly). I stripped apart their analytics and saw there had never been ANY referrals from these “keyword targeting domains” so they have been useless from day one.

The client then told me they were charged £75 per domain name (exc VAT) every two years. The whole point of this article is just to remind you that it might sound good at the time but just take 5 minutes and do a quick google search to see if what the sales person is saying adds up. Remember, their job is to sell you the dream, not deliver it.

Quick Tip: If you’re going to buy multiple domains then do it yourself or just look at how much the domain will cost here: Namecheap

5 Excuses They Might Try To Over Sell You Domain Names

  1. Exact Domain Names
  2. Keyword Specific Domain Names
  3. It’s Good For SEO
  4. More Listings On Google
  5. Stop Your Competition Buying Them

Why These Are Excuses

Exact domain names and keyword specific domains are only good if you have just the one. If you own multiple exact domains/keyword specific domains then you are either in competition with yourself or Google will only rank the one that it deems the most relevant. As the content is the same on each domain, Google will class it as duplicate content and pick out the best. This doesn’t mean that the one it chooses will rank on page 1 for any search term that you want.

It’s not good for SEO and you won’t get more listings on Google. All you do is clog up Google’s search listings for about an hour and (like above) the domains will most likely be seen as duplicate content or someone might come across them, report the pages to Google and you’ll get penalised.

The Main Reasons You Should Buy Multiple Domains

It might be good for your PPC (but won’t be good for your SEO)

If the domain names are brand new and they’ve never been live on a site before, then there will not be any kind of impact for SEO, positive or negative.

The only time there could ever be any positive impact is if a domain name used to be live before and that website ranked in on Google (and other search engines) and links were being pointed to it (like we did for Southampton Advertiser). Then you can 301 (redirect) that domain name to a new URL which could be the only potential benefit for SEO.

PPC Benefit

I know a few marketing companies that will buy multiple domains for PPC (Adwords) purposes only. This is so their clients have a more defined targeted audience and can reach local customers easier and gives their potential customers more trust in their business. If you’re looking for a locksmith in Southampton, you’re not going to click the add that says Bournemouth or Portsmouth within the domain name are you? You want someone that’s local and marketing agencies now try to avoid sub domains such as as users have realised they might not actually be local.


This article was written to help businesses see through what a sales speech when they are looking to choose the right web design or marketing company.
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