How To Build Local Backlinks In Your Community

How To Build Local Backlinks In Your Community

One of the most fun and exciting things you can do for your business and to increase your local rankings is to earn local backlinks. What I mean by local backlinks is local websites  linking to your website that may or may not be relevant to your business but are:

  • Based in your area
  • Will direct traffic to your website
  • Increase lead generations and sales
  • Build a good reputation for your business

Imagine you’re a plumber, locksmith or maybe a local car wash company and you’ve just paid for a brand new website and you’re paying someone to run your local SEO. Chances are they have built quality content that’s designed to generate traffic to your site and they’ve made it easy for your potential customers to contact you for a booking. For the first 3 months, your site traffic is slow and your rankings are increasing slightly every week. You’re not taking over just yet but you know they are doing a good job and it will take some time as we all know your local SEO might take some time.

Now let’s imagine you’re going to have some input whilst the professionals do their bit.

What can you do to increase local SEO rankings?

One of the best ways you can boost your local SEO is to build local backlinks. You can do this by carrying out a few things in your spare time every now and then. Below is a list of what you can do that we will touch on in more detail:

  • Be charitable
  • Contact local hotels and B&B’s
  • Sponsor a local group, club or organisation
  • Host an event
  • Promote a local activity

Being Charitable Can Increase Your Local Backlinks

If you make a grand gesture to the public, chances are someone will be talking about it. Local newspapers love to write stories on local trades and businesses in the area who are doing some good in the community. This may not generate direct traffic to your site and it might not be relevant for your business however your authority might improve in the long run.

Quick Idea

If you’re a local window cleaner for example, try taking a day out to clean as many windows in 8 hours for free to the local community. This gains trust, reputation and potential backlinks from local papers and you can slip a business card to every house you clean. It’s a day out of your life but can gives you the chance to introduce yourself to potentially hundreds of new clients.

If You’ve Worked Somewhere, Mention it

If you’ve visited a place that get’s a lot of traffic from tourists then write a blog post (or ask your marketing agency) about the work you did there and mention how nice it was there or how friendly the staff were. Throw a backlink in there and then let them know in a polite email. They might give you a backlink in return.

Quick Idea

If you work in the hair and beauty industry, try going to hotels and b&b’s and writing a case study afterwards. Write a blog post with images of the building and a nice review about the place and you might soon got a backlink back. Tourists staying the weekend or wedding guests book in in because of this.

Sponsor A Group

Local groups or clubs need sponsoring. It might be a loss for your bank balance but the benefits can be much more rewarding. Other than making a group of people happy and helping them carry on doing what they do, you can gain a lot of attention from it too. Most clubs have a website or blog and being a sponsor might earn you a badge or a sidebar link on their site but they might write a blog post about you too.

Host A Local Event To Earn Local Backlinks

Hosting an event can be hugely beneficial for your business, especially if there are other businesses taking part. Even if it’s a simple Friday morning tea and biscuits event that brings local people together, it can have a huge impact for your local backlinks. You can post a listing onto your local newspaper’s website (earning a backlink if they allow them) and other businesses that are attending might like to write about it on their website. Be creative and if you can, go the extra mile. That way you might get the local papers talking about it too!

Quick Tip

If you can encourage local school’s to participate and earn a backlink from them then you are definitely doing something right.