How To Increase Customers For Your Window Cleaning Business

How To Increase Customers For Your Window Cleaning Business

Most window cleaners are always looking for ideas to gain new customers for their window cleaning business, especially when they’re a new local business just starting out.

An idea that was floating around Oscabi Web Design for one our window cleaning clients seemed like something the client might not of been willing to do however after a quick phone call, they were on board. This plan of action wasn’t apart of their SEO campaign or something that needed to be done but we thought, hey wouldn’t it be cool if Mr Customer was to spend an entire day cleaning windows in his area for free?


The Winning Window Cleaning Business Idea

OK, you need to bear with me on this one…. So imagine that you’ve just started up your local window cleaning business and you don’t have cash spare for a PPC campaign or to market your business anywhere online. What can you do? Well one of the most impressive ways to gain new customers would be to host an all day window cleaning event in your local area for free. Yep, that’s right, free!

Knock on people’s doors a week before and let them know you are going to clean the outside of their windows free of charge and ask them if they are up for it. Spend an entire day’s work cleaning windows for free. If you employ and members of staff then this will be really costly as they might want to be paid for the days work so this idea is best for people who are setting out on their own. If you can, ask members of your family to help you out (if they know how to clean a window). The only main cost here will be for your cleaning products and maybe fuel but it depends if you are willing to pay out for this.


How Will It Work?

Simple, let’s say you only target bungalows or ground floor flats all within the same area so they have the least amount of windows for you to clean. Then let’s say it takes on average 30 minutes to clean the windows of one of the properties and you start your day off at 8am and plan to finish at 6pm with an hour for lunch. It might seem like a lot of work for nothing however the potential return of invest can be greater.

In this one day, you clean around 20 properties all within the same area. That means you now have 20 potential customers who all know who you are and are all located within the same area! Let’s image you get two friends to help you out on the day so that then turns into 60 properties cleaned, meaning 60 potential customers that are willing to give the friendly window cleaner a call the next time they need doing. Imagine if you took the time out to do this for 5 days! I mean who’s going to turn down a free window clean from a professional like yourself?

You can even print off business cards and place them through their letterboxes. Gas engineers, plumbers, electricians and locksmiths all have magnetic business cards for people to place on their fridge then next time they have any issues. Gas engineers are bit crafty and place them on boilers so the next time there’s an issue with their boiler, they know who to call.


The Benefits Of This Window Cleaning Business Idea

  • A good reason to do this can be to introduce your other services to them. Oh Mr Customer, did you know I clean gutters, fascias and soffits as well?.
  • You get a chance to introduce yourself and your business to new customers.
  • People might start talking about your business and pass your business cards off to friends and family.
  • Local papers might get wind of your generosity and mention you in a weekly article.


The Best Way To Earn Business As A Window Cleaner

Just make sure that you follow a few of these simple tasks and you could be on your way to building a large customer base in no time:

  • Be polite and ask nicely if they would like their windows cleaned for free
  • Ensure you target ground floor flats or bungalows to maximise efficiency
  • Be quick but get the job done right
  • Print business cards to hand out or leave at their properties – You can buy high quality business cards for cheap here
  • Enlist help from friends and family that will help you out for free (or a few beers)

There you have it. A window cleaning business plan that so far has been successful for our client but is still considered a Marmite idea. Some people might be reading this article thinking they would never work so hard for free and others will love this idea.