How To Set Up Tracking URL’s For Google My Business

How To Set Up Tracking URL’s For Google My Business

If you’re in the wonderful world of SEO and you’re looking for something to simplify your campaign tracking then check this out below.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set Up URL’s For Tracking
  • Place Tracking URL’s Onto Your Google My Business Listing (GMB)
  • Track Clicks From Your Map Listing

Set Up Tracking URL’s For Your Map Listing

If you have more than one client then you’ll know just how frustrating the Google My Business area can be for tracking clicks through to your website. As we all know, the Google Search Console (GSC) doesn’t exactly give us the insights we are alway looking for and for some reason, there is no way to link your GMB account to your GSC. This means if a user has clicked through to your site a map listing then the only way to track this would be to go to your GMB account and view the insights. Granted, this does give you some great insights such as “asked for directions”, “phone call clicks” and the photo view stats but with multiple locations, it can be a pain to track all that data.

How To Set Up Tracking URL’s

So here we are going to show you how to set up a tracking URL for your sites and it’s absolutely free.

  • Head over to and enter the URL that you want to shorten (track).
  • Select or click the clipboard icon to copy the URL
  • Place The Tracking URL In Your Map Listing
  • Head over to GMB, sign in using your Google Account and select the listing you wish to edit
  • Scroll down to the website field and paste the shortened link in
  • Save

How To Track Clicks From Your Google Map Listing

This is by far the easiest, most simple tactic to track clicks. Are you ready?….

  • Head over to and hey presto! You now have an easy to use dashboard that you can check whenever you want.


Why You Should Use This Method To Track Clicks From Your Map Listing?

Not only is this simple, cost effective and takes just 2 minutes to set up, it also enables you to track map listing click-through’s in real time! This means no more messing around with the GMB console, opening ten new tabs at a time to track website clicks.

The only downside to this method is it’s really difficult to track phone calls however if your client doesn’t mind spending an extra £4.99 a month then they can purchase a business telephone number that’s set up solely for tracking on map listings. What’s amazing is the phone number is virtual which means it can be diverted to any number, anywhere in the world. We have loads of clients who take this option up to track their SEO, PPC and newspaper ads.



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