Using Reviews To Boost Your Local SEO And Increase Future Sales

This article explains the benefits of using reviews to boost your local SEO which can increase trust for your brand online.

Local Reviews For Local SEO

The world of SEO is changing more and more each day due to the ever expanding universe of Google and the way marketing companies are staying more up to date with Google’s algorithms and changes. Nowadays, we are leaning more towards local SEO a lot more than we would of done around 10 years ago. These days the internet is becoming a more local source of information rather than a global source of news. Local businesses want to target local customers and marketing agencies have realised the simplicity of local SEO when in comparison to ranking nationally or globally.

One of the most effective methods for local rankings and to increase trust and brand awareness is by gathering reviews for your company.

Ask Your Customers For A Review

No matter what type of business you run, you should always reach out to your customers for reviews. If you’ve provided a good enough service for a customer and you know they are satisfied with your work then honestly, you should just ask them for a review. For example, a nail technician has the opportunity with every customer to ask for a review whether it is on Google, Facebook, Trust Pilot or any other review platform. The same goes for any business that offers and completes a service directly in front of the customer.

Why Reviews Can Benefit Your Rankings

Reviews have an impact on your businesses search results whether you want them to or not. According to a study carried out by Moz, 8.4% of all ranking factors for a website are due to it’s reviews on 3rd party sites. This means that they affect your SEO depending on the quality of the review, the rating and a few other factors.

Google see’s review websites or platforms as being crowd sourced and relevant which means the page content is always fresh and updated. Typically, review websites rank higher than a website when you search “company name reviews”.

The “Off Site” Impact Of Reviews

Having positive reviews about your business can be very rewarding as you not only gain a positive view from Google but you also build up a relationship and trust with your customers. Positive reviews can increase customers engagement and customers are more likely to choose you over a competitor. According to a recent webinar from Trust Pilot, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and 72% of consumers take action after reading a positive review about your business.

Your reviews may not be directly pointing to your website but if a customer has taken the time to read a few of your reviews then they’re more likely to choose you over a competitor.

Mix Up Your Reviews For Better Results

We have a client that likes to mix up their reviews with different types of customers. Every customer they ask for a review is sent an email asking to review on a specific site. The links alternate for every customer for their Facebook, Google Map Listing, Trust Pilot or Yelp as this not only helps their positive reviews but it spreads the information across different platforms.

This is such a great method as if we search their business name and add reviews on the end of the search term, we see a wide range of reviews (all positive) through page one of Google. This gives a clear representation of your business and the high level of service that you provide.

Google Reviews From The Web

google reviews from the webAlso if you look on a Google Map listing in the SERPS, you will notice Google now pull separate reviews and ratings and list them accordingly. This is hugely beneficial for your business as it shows a broader range of reviews from more than one trusted review site.



Ask your customers to review your business on more than one platform. Rotate between different review site and make sure to send them a link to the review platform you want them to use. Right click on your Google map listing where it says “Write a review”, copy the link and send it to your customers so they can go directly to your review section.