What Rankings To Expect From Your SEO Campaign

See what rankings to expect from your SEO campaign
Learn to ignore the sales pitch and avoid being over sold SEO
What reputable SEO companies should be saying to you

Where Will I Be Ranking And When?

Now, when you first start your SEO campaign with any company, there will be lot’s of questions that you will want to ask and all of these are covered here: SEO questions you need to be asking.

The main question however is “Where will I be ranking and how long will it take?”. Well the truth is, nothing is guaranteed in the magical world of SEO when it comes to search engines like Google.

Every client wants to know where their website will be ranking for certain keywords or phrases and how long it will take. 

In short, realise that no one has control over where their website will rank or how long it will take. It all depends on hundreds of factors like the level of competition your business has, where the person searching is located, their previous search history, fluctuations in search engine listings, and algorithm changes that are becoming more and more frequent.

Your website can potentially rank on page one, week one of your SEO campaign however the next day it might be de-indexed and “disappear” from existence for the first couple of months. This tends to happen 9 out of 10 times with brand new websites due to hundreds of different reasons and it could take a day, week or 12 weeks until Google decides to keep your listing in their index.

Don’t Believe The Sales Team

There was a marketing agency I worked for in my early twenties that were adamant we could rank a client for hundreds of keywords in just 6 weeks. This was a perfect example of over promising and under delivering due to the lack of man power and the high amount of work the sales team had set for us. They were selling SEO as if it was going out of fashion and it failed drastically in the end with around 2 out of 3 customers cancelling after 12 weeks and some really bad reviews were written all over the internet that really damaged the company.

Quick Tip: A sales person might promise you the world but the person in charge of your campaign can only devote a certain amount of time to your campaign. You might not be the only person the company has on the books.

If a sales person has promised you the world, it’s advisable to take a step back and maybe think about looking for another SEO company that has a more reasonable time-frame. Try contacting some of their previous clients and ask how their experience was and did they deliver on the service or if they failed miserably.

What A Good SEO Company Should Sound Like

A good SEO company will explain most of the above or all of it and more in detail, and will give you an idea of what to expect over a certain time-frame that’s based on their experience and know-how.

They should:

  1. Be giving you a reasonable time-frame for your campaign before you start to see results
  2. Be keeping you updated monthly on what they’ve done and how far they’ve gotten
  3. Not be telling you that you’re going to dominate your market. There might be other companies with a bigger budget than you targeting the same keywords
  4. Be showing you examples of their previous work and case studies
  5. NEVER guarantee your rankings. Ever.

No reputable SEO company will ever guarantee your rankings. A good SEO company will make you feel comfortable in the project and won’t feed you a load of rubbish.