Why Your Local Business Needs PPC

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If you’re a local company looking to reach your customers at a local level then you’ve probably thought or heard about PPC (Pay Per Click). If not then make sure you read the first paragraph below:

What Is PPC?

There are many adaptations as to what PPC means and a lot of the results you might find can be confusing to someone who’s never heard of it before.

To put it simply, PPC is an instant way for your customers to find you, read about you and to hopefully contact you. It’s a method of advertising online that can be used on multiple platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook and other forms of social media.

Why Do I Need PPC?

If you’re looking for a way that your customers can find you instantly then PPC is definitely the route to go down. Gone are the days of the printed goldmines of the Yellow Pages or your local business directory tapping you up for money every 6 months. These days, it’s all about PPC and one of the main reasons why it’s the most popular advertising choice is because of keyword targeting. Advertising using PPC allows you to display an advert in front of anyone you want to as long as you set up certain parameters for the advert.

You can set your advert to only show up for people in a certain location and have searched for a keyword that you want to show up for.

For Example: A local carpenter in Southampton creates an advert that will only show up for customers in Southampton who have searched for “carpenters near me”. 

How Does PPC Work?

Essentially, the way we run our PPC campaigns is by what is called CPC (cost per click). You set a monthly budget, we generate a list of keywords that you want your business to show up for and then we bid on those keywords for each click. There are many different factors involved when it comes to PPC but the way it works is pretty simple once you read on.

Your advert is displayed whenever a user searches for a keyword. You then compete against your competitors for the “Top Spots” as we like to call them. Your advert is then displayed to a potential customer and if they click on your advert, that will then cost you a set amount that is deducted from your monthly budget.

In reality, you are competing against all other rival businesses who are also doing PPC and our goal is for you to get the best out of your budget by improving any and all factors to make your campaign cheaper.

Case Study – Client 9

In March 2017, a client who wishes to remain anonymous (as they did not want their competitors knowing how much they spend on PPC), agreed to share their PPC story with you. We decided to name them Client 9 because it sounds a little bit cool.

Client 9 asked us to build a PPC campaign for them in March as a trial run. If it was successful, then they would happily keep their PPC campaign with Oscabi. So we took as much information from them as possible to build a successful advertising campaign, ensuring their target market would find them at the best possible price and convert into leads or enquiries.

We monitored how potential customers would act on the site, where they would leave and what they avoided. We then created a way to funnel potential customers to where we wanted them to go and to increase conversions by making their call-to-actions simpler.

The campaign was so successful in just 30 days that they have landed us another 4 PPC campaigns through word of mouth alone! In just one month, Client 9 went from 3 enquiries a week to 13-14 enquiries a week.

The Stats

Date Range: 15th March – 15th April

Monthly Budget: £160

Total Enquiries: 55

Conversion Rate: 25 out of 50

Job Value: £160

Total Profit: £3,840

That’s right, Client 9 managed to turn in £3,840 in just one month! Out of the 55 enquiries from the website, Client 9 stated that 10 didn’t return their calls and the other 5 had found someone else for the job.

This right here is exactly why your local business needs to be running a PPC campaign and as a bit of advice, SEO & PPC go hand in hand. If a sales person is promising you SEO is the way forward, just take a look online for yourself to see what others are doing. SEO is very beneficial for a business but so is PPC. Try not to rely too heavily on one or the other.




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